League Rules
• NO Smoking or Vaping anywhere in Founders Park, anytime. NO ALCOHOL IS ALLOWED INSIDE THE PARK AT ANY TIME.                             
 • SAFETY: Each player participating in practice, practice games, regular games, or tournaments shall wear a protective batting helmet with a facemask while in the on-deck batter position, while at bat, or while on base.                                                                       
• No Steal Cleats
• No Batting or Toss  against the fence
• 6u thru 18u – all infielders and outfielders are required to wear a protective face mask. Only exception is 18u outfield.                                                                                                            ANY PROFANITY OR AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOR BY A PARENT, COACH, OR PLAYER, WILL RESULT IN EJECTION FROM OUR PARK. ZERO TOLERANCE IS IN EFFECT.