League Rules
• NO Smoking or Vaping anywhere in Founders Park, anytime. NO ALCOHOL IS ALLOWED INSIDE THE PARK AT ANY TIME.                             
 • SAFETY: Each player participating in practice, practice games, regular games, or tournaments shall wear a protective batting helmet with a facemask while in the on-deck batter position, while at bat, or while on base.                                                                       
• No Batting or Toss  against the fence
• 6u thru 18u – Requirements: Softball bat, helmet with face guard, cleats, glove, & all infielders and outfielders are required to wear a protective face mask. Only exception is 18u outfield. Once your daughter is rostered her coach will tell you what color pants to purchase. The league will provide jersey, socks and belt.                                                                                                                        ANY PROFANITY OR AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOR BY A PARENT, COACH, OR PLAYER, WILL RESULT IN EJECTION FROM OUR PARK. ZERO TOLERANCE IS IN EFFECT.